November 2010
5th Floor
Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center
United States




The specific event of compassionate nursing care as written on the nomination form from Karen Cooper, RN, CNS as told to her by your patient: “I held a class on September 14, 2010 which included a patient, Cathy Spencer, to give her impressions of her hospital stay in the ICU and the 5th Floor last year. In her description of her care, Cathy repeatedly spoke about the compassionate care delivered by Lori Bracamonte. Lori comforted her, prayed with her, and frequently offered her comfort and motivated her to get well even though she was not her assigned patient. Lori went above and beyond to make sure that the patient and family believed that her illness was temporary and that she would in time get better. On her own time, Lori looked up information regarding the patient’s pain, asked the MD to order a calcium level, and when the calcium level was normalized, Cathy’s pain went away.” It is with this kind of compassionate and dedicated care that Kaiser Permanente and the DAISY Foundation present you with the DAISY award.