Lori Adams

Lori Adams

Lori Adams, RN

Emergency Department
Saint Joseph East Lexington
Lexington, Kentucky
United States
Lori is the glue that holds it together for patients and staff. She seamlessly balances patient care no matter the complexity of the situation.

I recently had the need to be a patient in the ED and Lori was assigned to care for me.  I would like to tell you some of the reasons she is deserving of this award based on my experience.

Lori listens.  She had a brief report but she asked me open-ended questions and she listened to my answers.  She had a list of triage questions but she also asked how I was feeling, did I have pain, and if I needed a blanket.  She appeared concerned about my physical injury and my comfort.

Lori is an advocate.  She told me what was planned, asked me if I had questions and when I did, she relayed the information to the team, returning with answers.  When she saw that I was having increased pain, she advocated on my behalf for pain meds.  Lori is a problem solver.  She will see an issue and address it.

Lori is flexible.  She probably did not want to take care of me that day but she was flexible and went with the assignment.  She also made a trip or two to the radiology department, again being flexible with her time.

Lori pays attention to detail.  She scans medications and armbands to ensure safe patient care.  She does a head-to-toe assessment to ensure nothing is missing.

She has great interpersonal skills.  Lori is the glue that holds it together for patients and staff.  She seamlessly balances patient care no matter the complexity of the situation.  In my case, she held me together and did not make me feel silly for crying when things were out of my control.

I am not sure how Lori does what she does.  She balances numerous shifts a week and then goes home to her family and their demands.  Her endurance and compassion speak volumes about her character.

Lori is responsive to patient and family needs.  Again, her willingness to talk with patients and families and ensure their needs are met is what makes her a great nurse.

Her compassion for nursing is visible.  She truly cared for me when I was vulnerable and had a need.  I appreciated her compassion.

Respect for others is evident when you watch Lori work, not just this one visit I had to the ED but on other visits I have had as well.  I have also observed her interactions with other patients and when she starts to fray a bit, you will see her pick herself up and pull it together to care for patients.

I am thankful Lori works at Saint Joseph East and thankful she has cared for me several times.