Loren Gibson

Loren Gibson

Loren Gibson, BSN, RN

Trauma Care Unit
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

My 93-year-old mother fell and broke her hip and had surgery at Mission Hospital. Because of Mom's being extremely hard of hearing, her age, the pain she was suffering from her broken hip, and her having Alzheimer's, she was very anxious and afraid in the hospital setting. When we met Loren, we were overwhelmed at the level of care, concern, and compassion she showed to Mom. Each time she entered the room, she had a beautiful smile on her face and would lean close to Mom's face and talk to her and gain Mom's confidence before doing anything. She was very patient and took extra time explaining things to Mom and reassuring her.

Even though Mom required a lot of extra attention, Loren was always very positive and got right in there with the CNA to take care of her. Not only was her care and attention to Mom's needs expertly given, she was also very kind and supportive to our family.

As busy as she always was on the floor, she never acted stressed or frustrated, and always came through the door of Mom's room with a smile on her face and joy in her heart! Her professionalism and knowledge of her job were top notch! You could tell that she bonded with Mom, because as she was leaning over Mom's face talking to her, Mom would reach up and touch Loren's face and, as weak as she was, she would smile and try to tell Loren thank you.

We have never witnessed such extraordinary compassion in a nurse before. Loren was able to reach into Mom's heart and connect with her and ease so much of the stress she was feeling, despite Mom's being frightened and in tremendous pain. The physical care she provided was outstanding, but most important to us was that connection she made with Mom on an emotional level. Although Loren is young and just getting started in her profession, she has already developed exceptional people skills.

Even though this was a very stressful and difficult situation for my Mom, with Loren's expert nursing skills, exceptional people skills, and beautiful smile and personality, the whole situation was made easier to bear by this lovely young nurse! She definitely made a difference in all of our lives!