Lonna Perella

Lonna Perella

Lonna Perella, BSN, RN

Spinal Cord Rehab
UPMC Mercy
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Lonna has, I believe, an unusual ability to apply her experience and critical thinking to solve patient problems. She is observant and innovative. As one example, a critical point in my wife’s rehabilitation from a spinal fracture involved the consequences of her need to wear a spinal brace, her impaired sense of balance, and her urge incontinence. Incontinence is an often unappreciated factor in patient quality of life, and it can compromise self-worth and the motivation necessary for successful rehabilitation. Minimizing the time required, from the arrival of help after pressing the call button to even getting to a bedside commode is important. Lonna reasoned that, if my wife could facilitate donning her brace while waiting for call help, and if Therapy judged that she could profit from temporarily emphasizing balance improvements key to transferring, then my wife’s experience and outlook could be improved. Lonna coordinated an effort to accomplish both. The improvement in my wife’s performance was very important to her self-image and encouraged her to take more control of her situation. Thank you, Lonna!


My wife’s stay at your facility was nothing but outstanding and all because of the kind people that worked with her. I feel she was able to get back on the road to recovery because of the treatment they gave her. Lonna Perella was just great at getting answers to our many questions. I feel she went out of her way many times for my wife and me. Lonna made my wife’s stay very pleasant at a time when she was in a lot of pain. We need more people like Lonna. She has a way to brighten your days.