London Congdon

London Congdon

London Congdon, RN, BSN

Pediatric Med/Surg
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona
United States
London has a way of explaining and educating us that is understandable, easy and helpful.

London Congdon has been our nurse twice now.  Not only is she a great nurse in so many ways but she is also fun.  London is very in tune with her patients and thinks about things that some nurses do not. For instance, she took into consideration how my non-verbal child might feel in a situation.  She talks to her rather in front of her.  London is very attentive and seems to multi-task like a boss.  London even identified a problem and came up with a solution to help her fellow RNs and herself in the future.  It was impressive.  I can see London in a lead position and training.  She has a way of explaining and educating us that is understandable, easy and helpful.  That’s appreciated as well. 

I could write so much more about London but in a nutshell, she is a bright, shining nurse among many and I feel that should she should be recognized.  If I could steal her to be our home health nurse, I would in a second without hesitation.  She doesn’t miss or forget a thing.  She is consistently on point and seems to think proactively in her job all while bringing a little joy to our room during our stay. 

I constantly must educate strangers on how to move and handle my daughter due to her physical issues.  London just seemed to know what to do instinctively and never needs to be reminded.  It sounds so simple but all the little things she does and thinks of adds up to a big deal.  I could almost relax a little when she was working because I can trust her and not have to repeat myself.