Lois Schroeder

Lois Schroeder

Lois Schroeder, LPN

HFM Pediatrics
Holy Family Memorial Medical Center
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
United States

Over the past 8 years, having Lois as a nurse has assured me that choosing HFM Pediatrics for my daughter was the right choice. Lois is amazing at what she does because she cares about the children she works with. I don't have enough time to describe all the times she has shown calm understanding when I spoke with her over the phone in her role as Triage Nurse or the times I had to leave a message but still received a call back in a timely courteous manner even if one wasn't required.

Still, the time that stands out the most in my mind is the time insurance denied my daughter's medication and the doctor had left for the day. But, at 4:30 on a Friday, Lois worked hard to get in contact with me, the pharmacy, and the physician to make sure my daughter could start her medication right away.

Thank you, Lois! You are appreciated!