Logan Krauss

Logan Krauss, RN, BSN

John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
Port Jefferson, New York
United States
Logan made such a difference, and he has restored my faith in people.

Logan would take his time to connect with doctors on my team and ensure all my medications that I take on a daily basis were entered into the system, and that I was getting all the help I needed for the pain I was having in my head, neck, and back. When I had questions that needed to be fielded either by the hospitalist, the neurologist, or whomever else, he would not leave for lunch, or abandon his post until the question was asked of the doctor, or until he could deliver me some kind of answer. He made up ice and cold packs himself that were requested by the pain management specialist, and would not pass on work to anyone else. It is that kind of pride in a person’s work that demonstrates the best character in someone, and that gave me the most comfort. Logan and the Pain Management doctor were the best people I have ever met in Mather, who really made me feel like I was taken care of. Logan has dedication, attention to detail, and love for his job that deserves to be recognized. The only other people that have ever showed me that much love in my life were my mother and grandfather, and I just can’t let something like that go. Logan made such a difference, and he has restored my faith in people. I will never forget the kindness and respect he showed me. I am still moved to tears when I think of how patient and kind he was to me. I hope his goodness is continued to be valued highly and that he gets thanked on my behalf. Thank you so much for everything.