Lisbeth Buchholz

Lisbeth Buchholz

Lisbeth Buchholz, RN

Emergency Department
Mayo Clinic Health System - Eau Claire
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
United States

In her nomination letter, Lisbeth was described as “loving, compassionate, and respectful” during a difficult situation. The nominator says, “Libby was constantly checking in on everyone to make sure we were doing OK.” Lisbeth says she was completely surprised by her nomination and humbled by the entire experience.

“This is just what we do every single day. We give support to those in our care, in whatever way possible. You don’t think about it when you’re just doing your job,” Lisbeth says.

Lisbeth’s daily routine varies, caring for all types of patients, illnesses and cases that come into the Emergency Department. “It’s very fast paced, which keeps me on my toes,” she says. “I learn something every single day with this job. No days are ever the same.”

For Lisbeth, this kind of reaction from her patients is what makes her job most rewarding. “The best part of my job is seeing the happiness and relief which comes from sometimes difficult and stressful situations,” she says.

Lisbeth has worked in the Emergency Department for 13 years and says her job has given her a second family. “I can’t name a favorite memory, but I honestly love my job so much because of the people I work with. We are one big family, and it makes it worth it to come into work every day.”