Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker, RN

Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

“My daughter, Nikki Malcolm, delivered a beautiful baby boy at WMC on 08/20/10. I may not have been able to hold my grandson if it had not been for Lisa and her care of my daughter. Lisa made the wise decision to let Nikki “labor down” instead of making her push for a long period of time to get the baby out. None of us knew how serious the situation was. The cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck very tightly. He was very purple at birth and had no heart rate or respirations. Dr. Lee and the Pink Team worked on him doing CPR and bagging him, trying to get a line down until finally they got a very faint heart rate. He was then rushed to the Neonatal Unit where he was placed on a vent. Dr. Lee talked to us letting us know that they were doing everything that they could do for ‘Little’ Ryan. We were beside ourselves with worry. Mary Hicks, Nikki’s nurse from Mother/Baby went to the Neonatal Unit and brought pictures back of ‘Little’ Ryan which greatly helped to calm our fears and anxiety. She kept going back to get updates on Ryan and keeping us informed and then finally got us in to see him. What a relief to see him moving and breathing even with all the tubes and wires. The staff in the NICU was the most caring people that I have ever met. They were wonderful to us and the baby. Lisa Walker, the Labor and Delivery Nurse made trips over to check on Nikki and Ryan on her off duty time. Everyone providing care during our hospital stay went above and beyond their normal duties. I am so proud to work here and know firsthand the wonderful care that our patients get. I’m telling everyone I meet about our five days at WMC and how it changed our lives forever.