Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell

Lisa Howell, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Augusta Health
Fishersville, Virginia
United States
Lisa used a calm voice, made eye contact, showed empathy and concern.

I had been in the infusion center, went home, then in the ER for many hours. The ER was overwhelmed with patients and I had to wait for my tests to be processed.  I was told I had a blood clot in the picc line and I was going to be admitted. I was terrified and fell apart emotionally.

When I was taken to the room, I was met by Nurse Lisa Howell. She did the normal getting transitioned paperwork into the hospital. She reviewed my chart with me and found out that I had been through a lot. I had been and continued to be really sick and scared. But what she did that is really required but often is missed,  is that she was extremely compassionate for my needs and worries. She used a calm voice, made eye contact, showed empathy and concern, advised me about not moving my arm much, and just prepared me and comforted me!

My Mom could not stay with me as she had to get back home to my Dad who is medically fragile. I was scared for her travel home.  I had explained that to the nurse. She spent a great amount of time with me which I feel went above her job duties. She even contacted the doctor to see if I could be given a Xanax to calm me down. I was not going to sleep as I was too scared and afraid. When she got off from work that morning, she told me she was headed to a meeting but she was coming back to check on me. I said you did not have to do that but she said I am and I want to, to make sure you are doing ok and to find out what is going on with you. Do you know what? She kept her promise of coming back and checking on me.

Lisa’s time and compassionate nursing skills and personality really touched me and helped me through a scary situation!