Lisa Green

Lisa Green

Lisa Green, RN

CHI Franciscan Health - Harrison Medical Center: Bremerton and Silverdale
Bremerton, Washington
United States

It is with great pleasure that we, the ICU staff, nominate Lisa Green, RN for Harrison Medical Center’s DAISY Award.

Lisa has been a staff member at Harrison for 15+ years. She has always been seen as a positive role model and strong patient advocate as well as being recognized as an excellent clinician. Lisa has filled many roles at Harrison including PCU, Home Health, Float Team, and Wound Care and now makes her home in the ICU.

Lisa readily shares her knowledge and is often sought out by peers for advice and treatment recommendations for skin and wound care issues. She is a Champion during the facility wide Skin Care audits and encourages all staff to take responsibility and accountability for our patient’s largest organ system – their skin!

Lisa meets the mission and vision for Harrison’s Nursing model by providing holistic, patient-centered care based on the needs of individuals and their families. She is a strong patient and family advocate and can frequently be found sitting with her patients or their families lending a listening ear and holding their hand, thereby touching a heart. She easily assumes the responsibility, authority and accountability to deliver exceptional care. She collaborates well with all members of the health care team and is respected by the physicians and support staff of the ICU. She actively participates in shared governance; serving on the hospital’s Nurse Practice Committee and fosters collaborative, evidence-based practice with all disciplines, where quality of care, professional growth and fiscal responsibility are shared objectives. Lisa always strives to enhance the health and lives of our community through service and education. Volunteering with various causes throughout the community, raising money for local charitable organizations, Lisa is committed to our community.

Lisa frequently stops on her way in for doughnuts or home bakes some delectable delightful treat to share with everyone. She often will come in at 3AM to assist the night shift with a staffing crunch. That in and of itself should earn her the DAISY Award!!! Not many folks would agree to start a 16 hour shift at Oh-dark-thirty! She is truly a saint!!

Lisa is a Versant Mentor for Harrison’s program as well as a clinical mentor for Olympic College nursing students. She always volunteers to take the tough assignments and frequently offers assistance to her peers. She patiently guides the new upcoming nurse in their role, emphasizing the importance of patient/family centered care; helping her/him to set and achieve goals in their professional career.

Lisa is a wonderful nurse who is loved all over the hospital. We are blessed to get to work with her every day and we are overjoyed to have her on our team!