Lisa Gallant

Lisa Gallant, RN

IV Resource
Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire
United States

Lisa Gallant is always cheerful and able to smile in some of the worst situations. She loves her work and it shows. She brings a little happiness to every patient and every nurse. Her knowledge, expertise, and passion for IV therapy is impressive.

Recently, a patient in critical condition with a GI bleed was admitted from the ED to the ICU. To make matters worse it was the end of the day almost 5 PM and support staff was leaving. It was urgent to get the patient into the ICU and stabilized. I received a call from the admitting doctor who informed me that the patient needed blood, fluids and possibly vasopressors. The doctor added that EMS and the ED department were only able to get one IV line started. The patient had rhabdomyolysis on her left side and therefore we couldn't use the left arm. On her right side there were no visible or accessible veins; she was a difficult stick.

This was not a good position for the receiving nurse or the patient. I reached out to Lisa and explained the situation. I realized it was the end of the day and I was asking a lot of her, however, this patient really needed Lisa's skills. Without hesitation she asked me to get an order for a PICC line. After doing so, the patient arrived in the ICU and Lisa was right there and ready to act.

Unfortunately, the patient was confused and difficult. The nursing staff was having difficulty getting the patient to cooperate because she couldn't focus and there was too much going on around her. It was truly frustrating because the best chance this woman had for staying alive was her cooperation and I could not get her to see that. In the midst of this rush and chaos, Lisa calmed the situation down and spoke quietly and calmly to the patient as though they were the only people in the room. She gained the patient's trust and cooperation. Lisa was able to place a triple lumen PICC which very possibly saved this woman's life.

Lisa showed selfless and genuine caring for both the patient and staff who were trying so hard to help this patient. Even though her long shift was ending she rose above her own fatigue and made a difference, something she did not have to do. She took the stress in stride, calmed a chaotic situation and saved a life. In short, I believe Lisa Gallant personifies everything that a great nurse is.