Lisa Fuller

Lisa Fuller, RN, BSN

Trauma/Surgical ICU
Memorial Medical Center - Springfield
Springfield, Illinois
United States

In a minute our lives can change. As I found myself sitting in 2C with my 18 year old son ( post-craniotomy for a recently discovered brain tumor) –Lisa Fuller entered our room. Lisa quietly sized up the situation – checking lines and monitor settings while keeping my son at the center of her attention. I know that she had at least one other patient but I felt like we were her only concern. As the night progressed and my son was comfortably resting, Lisa took the time to come in and check on “me” – the mother. I sensed she knew all of the things that were going through my mind. We spoke of the fall season being a favorite. Lisa told me that she makes a special fall snack mix – it was different from my own and I mentioned I had not made any this year.

Later in the shift, our surgeon came in to deliver the news that we would rather not hear, so it was a bit of a sad time. It seemed like just a few minutes after he left the room that a jar of Lisa’s special fall mix made it into our room. This gesture really lifted my heart during a gloomy moment. I was so touched that Lisa was thinking of us and called in during the middle of her night.

I tasted the mix and it was delicious, but I have kept the jar as a reminder of one nurse’s special touch. We had great care during our stay, but this kind gesture truly came at a much needed moment.