Lisa Flier

Lisa Flier

Lisa Flier, APN/ACNP

Illinois Neurological Institute
OSF Saint Francis Medical Center
Peoria, Illinois
United States
Lisa initiated a corrective plan and ensured it was communicated to other care team members.

My brother, B had multi-level decompressive spine surgery.  Lisa Flier, CNP examined B and interacted with family within an hour after he was moved from PACU.  Her focus and priority dialogue was on B.  She explained everything in "simple patient English"- exam components, treatment plan, medications, and body mechanics for bed mobility and ambulation.  Lisa queried B's understanding and had him demonstrate back to her to ensure comprehension and compliance.  She answered all the family questions with patience and made us feel like we were the only case she had with limitless time to spend with us. 

Lisa checked in with me early the next day.  There had been a significant breakdown in B's care related to pain medication on the night shift.  Lisa initiated a corrective plan and ensured it was communicated to other care team members.  The day of discharge went precisely as taught in every nursing program!  Staff following the plan ordered by Dr D and Lisa, completed all patient education prior to day of discharge.  

Lisa made rounds early Saturday morning-- assessed B, queried him as to his knowledge of care, restrictions, and medications and again had him demonstrate correct bed mobility and ambulation.  We were out the door by 1130 am!  I have known Lisa Flier personally and professionally for over 30 years.  This was the first experience for me in the "family member" role interacting with her.  WOW- Lisa was truly a neuroscience nurse's Nurse!  On behalf of B and family, Thank You!