Lisa Eason

Lisa Eason, RN, BSN

Med/Surg- Pediatrics
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Lisa Eason is an incredibly dedicated and compassionate professional. Lisa is a nurse who works tirelessly to provide truly outstanding care to our most difficult and heartbreaking cases. The care Lisa provides is not simply seeing to the basic needs of our patients, but going above and beyond in every action. She takes the time to truly listen to concerns of parents and families and respond to them appropriately. Lisa always has a smile on her face and brings laughter to all those around her.

An example of Lisa's generous spirit is the little red box she keeps in the charge office. Lisa was so touched by a family that didn't have the resources to buy themselves food. She keeps a little box with subway gift cards and meal tickets so that when social work is unavailable over the weekend or overnight, the entire staff can provide for this basic need. This one simple act is the most basic definition of what Lisa does every day.

Lisa goes above and beyond in large actions and small ones to personify what CHM is all about. Everything she does is just for them.