Lisa Cusick

Lisa Cusick, RN,OCN

UPMC Shadyside
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Shannon Moore & Lisa Cusick 7West
On a daily basis, nurse on 7W (and 7M as well) deal with extremely difficult patients. Many of our patients are young with life-threatening illness, chronic debilitating conditions from the disease as well as the treatment itself. Our nurse have always delivered the very bet and I mean the very best of care to every single patient, no matter how difficult a challenge they were facing. They always inspired hope, gave support and were the gentle hand that every sick person needed to have.

Yet, some go above and beyond their difficult job, and take their compassionate care many steps further. I had two nurses from 7W (Shannon & Lisa) arrive unannounced to my clinic today, to meet one of our chronically ill patients, whom they have care for a long time. They came simply to greet her and let her know that they were there to support her, even when she is not in the hospital, and that they do think of her on every occasion. The gift they presented her, brought tears to her and her husband. It was one of the most wonderful gestures I have seen in my long career, and it served to remind me that we will always be in good hands, with such wonderful people around us.

I have always been very proud to work with our nurses, and I could not have been more proud like today. Shannon and Lisa exemplify the hope and inspiration that we all should have.
Submitted by: Dr. Agha