Lisa Burek

Lisa Burek

Lisa Burek, BSN, RN

Procedure Center
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Lisa Burek is an excellent Charge Nurse and an invaluable member of the Procedure Center team. Lisa routinely receives praise from her peers and physicians regarding her focus on patient care and her ability to see "the big picture".

One specific example of her skill in this area occurred with a transplant patient who was added on to the Procedure Center schedule for a scope. Lisa was looking through the patient's chart in the morning (something she routinely does so that she can assure our schedule runs smoothly)and noted his potassium was outside of normal limits. Because Lisa knew this patient had his scope delayed one day already, she worked to make sure the transplant team had time to address this issue before the case could be cancelled outright. She communicated with the anesthesiologist in the room so that he would know the plan, as well as made sure she and the transplant team were clear on what it would take to proceed with the case. Throughout a very busy and hectic day, Lisa took time to follow-up on this patient--making sure labs were drawn (they were not, until she called the floor to follow-up) and values were communicated.

The case could not go until later in the day and when the patient was being taken into the room for his procedure, his mother off-handedly remarked that she wished he could have had his PICC line placed at the same time. Lisa then realized that the patient was scheduled for a PICC line the following day, but that had not been communicated through the team. She again attempted to coordinate with IR for them to place a PICC in the Procedure Center. When she was told it was too late in the day for IR to send staff, Lisa once again focused on "the big picture": What was best for this patient, who had already been through so much and would have to endure another anesthetic the following day? She drew on her communication abilities and partnered with the anesthesiologist to have the patient transferred to IR to place the PICC directly after his scope.

Because of Lisa's dedication to the patient, he was able to have a scope and PICC line placed in spite of multiple obstacles in the way. She should be recognized for the fact that she goes above and beyond for patients like this everyday.