Lisa Brittain

Lisa Brittain

Lisa Brittain, RN, ADN

Seton Medical Center Austin
Austin, Texas
United States

On a floor with the best of the best, Lisa stands out for her ability to combine compassion, control, and competence. She was an enormous help to my mother and my family in a time of need.

Compassion - Lisa always has a kind word for her patients every time she comes in the room which is very often. She checks up on them with reliable regularity.

Control - my elderly mother suffers from severe anxiety attacks. Lisa knows how to be assertive without being bossy or cold.

Competence - She is also extremely fast and meticulous about working on IV's, keeping lines straight, etc. all the little things that a patient appreciates.

I think Lisa may be the best nurse I have seen. We have received excellent care from the entire nursing staff, but I am always happy when I see her on the schedule.