Lisa Blevins

Lisa Blevins

Lisa Blevins, RN

Advanced Care (Step Down)
Miami Valley Hospital

Lisa is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled clinician. She is an outstanding preceptor and has mentored many students, new nurses and experienced nurses who have joined the team of our very busy, high acuity critical care unit. She has been the "go-to" person the past two to three years on the night shift where she served as night team leader. She was always available for the night staff and trusted to make the right decision. She led the staff by example and never hesitated to address issues needing attention. She was able to turn uncomfortable situations for our staff into learning experiences and empower them to think critically to resolve problems. She has been dedicated to our care team success. Night shift has really missed her as she transitioned to day shift for family and schedule needs.

Our day shift staff has been pleased to have Lisa working with us. Working more hours with her, we have benefited as never expected. She sets a great positive example by embracing the many changes currently happening in our culture. We observe her caring relationships with her patients. She performs daily care, supports our PCTs and lends a hand when needed with their busy assignments. She is often observed sitting with a patient and their family to teach, reinforce medications and side effects, discuss pain issues and involve them in discharge planning. She precepts and is a dedicated mentor not only her coworkers but also her patients. She strives for balance in her life. This is a good lesson for us all. Whether it be simply taking time for lunch or helping "buddies" on the unit so they can get to lunch, she often sets the tone for the shift with her calm demeanor and willingness to support those around her. She has organized a fund raiser for our adult Cystic Fibrosis population at a local art studio "Raise Your Brush". It was very popular, a sell out for the evening, and raised $400 for the CF Foundation. She is very special and supportive to these patients. She has been a valued Unit Council member and instrumental in promoting 5K runs and fun unit activities.

Lisa is a wonderful patient advocate, always thinking of small details such as putting a patient in a private room so young children could spend more family time comfortably with the patient. She looks beyond the obvious and researches other options for patients. She anticipates patient and family needs demonstrating core values of respect, integrity, compassion and excellence. We see her live the patient experience of "Every Person, Every Time" on a daily basis.

Lisa challenges us in the kindest and most subtle ways to do more and think "bigger" of our patients' needs. She makes us want to be better nurses! She is a very special soul and a blessing to us all!