Lisa Arrington
July 2017
Community Health Outreach Program
Sentara Obici Hospital
United States




I have known Lisa for about 10 years and always knew that she was a compassionate and extraordinary nurse.  Most recently, she truly went above and beyond the call of duty and assisted one of our less fortunate patients.  Lisa was seeing the patient after a recent hospitalization for CHF.  Unfortunately, the patient was homeless and often times he slept either in an abandoned trailer or gas station.  It was just a few days before the Christmas holiday and it was getting very cold outside.  Lisa met this patient outside of a grocery store on a bench, as she often times has to do when she sees a patient.  Just imagine doing medication reconciliation and CHF teaching on an outside bench in 20 degree weather!  The patient mentioned that there was a room for rent downtown and he hoped he could get the room as he desperately wanted a warm place to stay and to shower.

Lisa drove the patient to the rooming house and paid rent for the remainder of the month.  She met the landlord and assisted with the paperwork to make sure everything was legal.  The patient was very grateful and thanked Lisa, calling her, "My Angel".  The patient continues to refer to Lisa as "My Angel" and is extremely appreciative for everything she did for him on that cold day in December.