Lisa Allison

Lisa Allison, BSN

Lung Nodule Clinic
Memorial Hospital - University of Colorado Health
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

Lisa is the nurse navigator for the lung nodule clinic. In that role, Lisa works daily with a patient clientele who often have been given a devastating diagnosis with a dismal prognosis for long term survival. She is able to walk patients through an emotionally distressing time in their life. Lisa demonstrates a genuine kindness that patients and their families often comment on when they come see me for some of their testing.

Since lung cancer can rapidly advance, patients are fast tracked from diagnosis to treatment through the system. Sometimes patients have their appointments scheduled via phone calls and Lisa has not met the patient in person. Many times, I have seen Lisa show up early in the morning before her shift in the bronchoscopy suite to introduce herself to the patient and family. She answers questions, puts a face to their voice and basically just gets to know them. Patients are appreciative. Patients frequently tell me that Lisa is the reason that the lung cancer process is tolerable.

Lisa is a wonderful resource for my staff and me. She willingly answers questions and shares her knowledge. I called and asked her to speak with a patient that was diagnosed with cancer other than lung cancer. Lisa happily came over and spoke with this patient, providing resource information and answering questions. She responded to me that she would be willing to help any time. Lisa demonstrates these qualities every single day.