Lindsey Siemer

Lindsey Siemer

Lindsey Siemer, RN

Fort Hamilton Hospital
Hamilton, Ohio
United States
I don't recall Lindsey leaving L for any longer than maybe 5 minutes at the most.

In January, our beloved sister L was transferred to Fort Hamilton Hospital. After receiving excellent care in the Emergency Room at Fort Hamilton Hospital, she was taken to the ICU. She was cared for by a nurse named Lindsey Siemer. I cannot possibly tell you what a wonderful, caring nurse Lindsey was.

My husband and I watched Lindsey in total amazement as she hooked up line after line to our sister, never faltering for a second. As we continued to ask her questions concerning L's care, she explained everything in detail so that we could understand. I don't recall her leaving L for any longer than maybe 5 minutes at the most. She was so intent on her care she made us feel like L was the only patient in the hospital that night. We told Lindsey we would be spending the night at the hospital with L. We didn't need to stay in her room, but L needed to know we were close by. Lindsey said it was no problem for us to stay in L's room with her and then made every effort to keep us comfortable.

Well, we lost our precious L around 2:15 am. Even though we knew she was gone, we watched as they worked on her tirelessly, trying every trick they had up their sleeve to save L. In the end, L was tired of fighting an illness that she had been fighting for about seven years. It gives us great comfort to know she was surrounded by the best that had L and only L's best interest in their hands. We thank you deeply for all your kind, caring, loving staff as we let go of our L and put her in the hands of the Lord.