Lindsey Olin

Lindsey Olin

Lindsey Olin, RN

Medical Specialties
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
Vancouver, Washington
United States
Lindsey is quickly able to connect and then adapt care plans appropriately to maximize our environment for healing.

Lindsey is a shining ray of light for her patients and her team in her staff registered nursing role.  Lindsey defines positive attitude, with her upbeat personality, glass half-full mentality, and endless energy.  Lindsey is always making a difference for those around her.  Lindsey approaches each individual with care and compassion.  She is a skilled communicator who gets to the heart of what is important for her patients.  She is quickly able to connect and then adapt care plans appropriately to maximize our environment for healing.  Lindsey gets many kudos and accolades from her patients and families.

Lindsey also makes a huge impact on the positive team culture we enjoy on our unit.  Lindsey will provide assistance to any patient or nurse in need.  Lindsey is always looking for others to help, and never waits to be asked to help.  Lindsey is frequently heard challenging her coworkers to take a break or drink enough water so that our team does not forget to take care of themselves.  We believe that this truly makes a difference in the care for our patients because it improves the busy work conditions in our unit and allows for us to give our patients our full attention and care.  Lindsey special blend of humor, hard-work, dedication, and focus on what truly matters is what makes her an exceptional nurse.


I need to comment and salute your hospital after my recent visit for gallbladder removal.  I cannot ignore the exceptional care and comfort provided by the nurses and techs on the 5th floor that I received during my short stay. My pain, discomforts and several embarrassing moments were handled without the slightest delays or excuses.  I am amazed at how well I was treated and care for.  All were incredible and kind to my needs, but Lindsey took additional steps with me by setting goals for my progress and she had so many doctors visiting me in my room, I truly thought I was the only patient in the hospital for a couple of days.