Lindsey Breedlove

Lindsey Breedlove

Lindsey Breedlove, RN, BSN

Naval Medical Center San Diego
San Diego, California
United States

From one RN to another! First I would like to start with how excellent and attentive all the staff was in pediatrics. My son was a direct admit from the Temecula Valley area and of course we arrived at change of shift. However, we would have never known that if I hadn't once worked at this hospital myself. The accepting RN was very accommodating and placed my son and me in a hold room until his room was ready. It was a hectic day on the pediatrics floor as most days are on the ward during RSV season. Once our room was ready we met our night nurse, Lindsey Breedlove. She was a Godsend!

Although I'm a nurse, she took care of us and didn't let "mom nurse" do all the work. My son's sats would drop and she came running. She would arrive and he would bounce right back. After episode 3, she reassured me that everything would be alright and she would speak with the MD to get him to the PICU, and that she did.

She exemplified critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership in the short time she took care of us. Furthermore, her professionalism stood out. In the adverse situation she remained respectful of her fellow nurses and reported her observations/assessments in the short time she had him to the best of her ability.

Thank you, Lindsey for your outstanding work. Because of your diligence and attention, my son ended up right where he belonged in the PICU.