Lindsay Felker

Lindsay Felker, BSN

Maternal-Newborn Unit
Fort Wainwright, Alaska
United States

A pregnant woman calls in the middle of the night "I have not felt my baby move since yesterday morning and would like to come in to make sure everything is alright". She arrives on MNU and is immediately taken into a triage room.

The nurses are unable to find the heartbeat with the monitor, they rush and get the OB Provider the Provider confirms their worst suspicion. The 39 week old infant has died. The parents are devastated and filled with guilt, you see they were just seen in the clinic two days ago everything was fine. At that visit the parents were given the option to have a cesarean section that day, five days ahead of schedule, they declined. The entire staff is shaken; one nurse who just happened to be on the ward on her off day stepped up to the plate and said I'll take care of them.

The nurse passionately ensured the parent's every wish was respected. She encouraged them to not only hold their baby girl but to provide skin to skin contact to enhance the bonding experience. The nurse lovingly gathered mementos for the family, a crib card with their baby girl's footprint, a cord clamp, and pictures.

After many tears were shed and it was time to bid a final farewell to their baby girl Nurse Lindsay ensured them that they would not be alone during their journey of grief, and continues to follow up with them.

The birth of a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion; not one filled with mourning. The nurse had no answers to the "what if" and "why" questions that were asked; however, she stood by them just the same during their time of uncertainty.

I will never be able to express my gratitude to CPT Felker for going above and beyond the call of duty that day and those parents will never forget the way you made them feel during their time of sorrow.