Lindsay Eagle

Lindsay Eagle, RN

Meritus Medical Center
Hagerstown, Maryland
United States

My daughter came to the hospital with pneumonia and the flu. The first thing she saw was Lindsay smiling at her when we came to her room. Lindsay told my daughter how adorable she is and asked if there was anything we needed. She changed my daughter's IV dressing and covered it to keep it from being pulled out and helped provide support for her arm which was wrapped.

She continued to come every 30 minutes to check oxygen level which had been very low. She got us blankets and a pillow and showed me how to work the crib. I never had to page her, she was always there when we needed her. My daughter was very sick, but would smile, laugh and her face would light up when she saw Lindsay, as if she was her guardian angel.

Several days later, we had Lindsay as our nurse again. That day, my daughter had been extremely fussy with gas due to all of her medications and she couldn't get comfortable. Lindsay checked her and changed her then put her in a swing. The motion and a WubbaNub that Lindsay brought her helped her not concentrate on her belly pain!

Lindsay gave her pain medication and talked to her in such a gentle voice - she smiled herself right to sleep. Lindsay was so sweet and kindhearted to my daughter. You can really see that she cares for her patients, loves her job and is very good at what she does.