Lindsay Brodersen

Lindsay Brodersen, RN

Resource Nurse
Dignity Health St. Joseph's Medical Center Stockton
Stockton, California
United States
Lindsay called to let us know she was on her way over from Pavilion. She saved me twice that night.

I wish to commend Lindsay for all the help she extends to our unit especially when things get rough and all we needed is an extra pair of hands just to help us get over the crazy hour or situation. Things, like priming the tubing, starting an IV and even turning a patient, may sound so trivial, but to us, they mean a lot.  

The first time I met her, I had a 1:1 pt and couldn't leave the room. She came in and introduced herself to me, then asked if I needed any help. I was grateful because, at that perfect time, I did need someone's help. She would offer her help so many times not only to me but also to my co-workers to the point where I see people smiling and happy to see her every time she's on duty.

Last week, I received a patient who was in respiratory distress and was intubated on the floor. I had not received report yet when the patient arrived in CCU.  Lindsay looked upset and told me the patient was intubated without any sedation even though the patient was clearly uncomfortable.  After establishing that vitals were stable, we then proceeded to give the sedative. Her concern over the patient’s comfort and needs were so impressive that I thought to myself, "wow, I'd let you take care of me and my family anytime".

Last Thursday, I had another situation in our unit where I needed an ER Doc to confirm a 12 lead EKG reading (no cardiologist on the case yet). I couldn't leave the unit and we had no secretary so I called her.  She never hesitated to help me out because she knew how critical it was.  She called to let us know she was on her way over from Pavilion. She saved me twice that night because of her rapport with ER, the MD willingly came to intubate the patient and even though we coded right after, we were able to bring back the patient because the team was already at the bedside to manage the situation.

On behalf of CCU, I would like to say Lindsay is an asset to the Resource Team and we appreciate her very much.