Linda Evans

Linda Evans, RN

Surgical Services
Memorial Hermann - The Woodlands Hospital
The Woodlands, Texas
United States

Linda epitomizes giving of oneself to our patients and their families. As our Surgical Laision, Linda follows patients and updates their families from admit, preop, surgery, recovery to post op discharge. She hands pts/families her card and encourages them to call her on her personal cell phone anytime of the day or night, even after they have gone home, if they have any questions or issues. Many have taken her up on this and thanks to her kind calm reassurance Linda is able to answer their questions, to guide and help them all regardless of the hour. Linda will tell them "I'm like your RN neighbor, I'm giving you my personal phone number to call me any time for questions. I'm just a phone call away".

One such example was this past July, when we had a 15 month old boy who had the relatively simple surgical procedure of bilateral tube insertion in his ears. He tolerated surgery and recovery well and was discharged home in stable condition. On the way home, the child broke out into a rash, crying and felt very warm to the touch. The mom called Linda and after several questions, Linda asked the mom to return to the ER for assessment. Linda then notified the child's anesthesiologist who in turn, notifed the ER physician. The OR nurse, the Nursing Supervisor and the Surgeon were also notified. Linda continued to call the mom to check on the child's status and during one call, mom stated the child was having breathing difficulty and her husband called 911 for an ambulance to meet them in transit and ER was updated. Linda notified the OR and PACU nurses as well.

After arrival in the ER and after a diagnosis of reaction to anesthesia was determined, the little boy was treated and released. Linda called the parents again as they were on their way home and they were both very grateful for our prompt response and treatment of their son, as well as Linda, for her continued contact, support and guidance. The parents felt reassured that they "could take their baby home and still have us a phone call away for help."

This is one of hundreds of examples in how Linda Evans RN goes above and beyond for our patients and their families in Surgical Services. She has on occasion, taken a picture of a still sleeping baby in Phase 1 of PACU to show to the parents to allay their fears. She reassures and updates families on the patient's progress and this is invaluable information and of great comfort to them.

Linda Evans RN is one of the reasons our hospital is "The Best of the Best".