Linda Butler

Linda Butler

Linda Butler, RN

Memorial Hospital of South Bend
South Bend, Indiana
United States

Linda Butler cared for a family whose baby's heart developed on the outside of his body.
Doctors expected the baby would only live a couple hours. When the baby was born, he was placed in his family's arms, and he lived.

He kept living longer than anyone expected. The day after delivery, the family was sent home with Hospice Care. Linda stayed in touch with them and found out,after several days, the couple had not been sleeping. They were afraid their baby would die while they were sleeping. Linda went to their home, cooked a meal, cleaned, but most remarkable, she held their little baby while his mother and father slept.

An essential part of nursing care is the relationship we establish with our patients, and a vital part of that relationship is trust. This family so trusted Linda, they were
able to rest while she cared for the child they knew they would only get to hold
a little while longer. They rested knowing he was in good hands, loved, cared for, and I'm very sure, prayed over.

I'm very grateful to work Linda Butler, who so skillfully shepherds families through an experience no one prepares to have.