Linda Burson

Linda Burson, RN

Panama City Veterans Administration
Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System
Biloxi, Mississippi
United States

Linda has been an absolute role model as a VA nurse and as a Veteran. Linda is in the unique position of having the ability to truly empathize with anxious Veterans and reaffirm her commitment to their care as a nurse and fellow Veteran. I've seen Linda on numerous occasions talk Veterans down to a calmer state of mind and gain their trust and respect, as she collaborates with colleagues and involves community resources to obtain the best and earliest treatment for our Veterans. With Linda's 15 years of VA nursing experience, she has become an invaluable source of knowledge to all of her co-workers. They look to her for guidance in order to seek other options and disciplines to help their Veterans obtain the care they need. Linda is assisting Veterans not only as a PACT nurse but also as a diabetic educator. She gains a high level of patient compliance due to assisting our Veterans in understanding their disease process and proper management; she helps them to be more autonomous with their care. Linda not only fulfills her individual and organizational responsibilities by being dependable, trustworthy, and professional, but she also supersedes these requirements by caring enough for her colleagues to be this VA clinic's occupational health nurse. Panama City VA and its Veterans are indeed fortunate and privileged to have Linda Burson, RN care for us all!