Linda Bischoff and Barbara Ungerbuehler

Linda Bischoff and Barbara Ungerbuehler, RNs

Perioperative Services
Good Samaritan Hospital

I just want to give all of you a sincere thank you for the care I received at your facility last Friday. From the time I walked up to the information desk to my check in, my pre-op, intra-op, post-op and until I was wheeled to my car, I was in good hands. I was there 7 months ago for a partial knee replacement and was treated the same on both visits. Staff was friendly and welcoming from the beginning. I think it's important to give positive feedback when it is deserved.

To my pre-op nurse Linda Bischoff, thanks for your conversation and calm demeanor. I felt very much at ease prior to getting back to the O.R.

To the OR nurses & staff, because your patients are under anesthesia, for the better part of you time, you maybe don't receive the praise you deserve. I thank each of you for treating me like a person - asking me questions & interacting with me prior to my procedure. Again, I know I was in good hands. And anesthesia staff is awesome. I never woke up nauseated.

To my post-op nurse Barbara Ungerbuehler - thank you for your time and patience while I awoke. I never felt rushed - just well cared for.

Being a nurse myself, I couldn't have asked for a better team. Thanks again to each of you for making a potentially uncomfortable procedure a little easier for me.