Linda Beam

Linda Beam

Linda Beam, RN

Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Hershey, Pennsylvania
United States

Linda began her career in the PIMCU in 1995. She has grown to be a leader on the unit, mentoring less experienced nurses and taking them under her wing. Linda demonstrates excellence by serving as a role model on the unit. She willingly shares knowledge and experience with staff so that they may learn and grow in their practice. Linda encourages her colleagues when they are having a challenging day. She steps in to help without being asked, and she consistently provides support to our younger, less experienced staff.

Linda demonstrates excellence in teaching patients and families about their disease processes, injuries, and anticipated procedures. She spends time with them, evaluating their educational needs and works to ensure that they have a solid understanding. She utilizes different types of teaching methods depending upon the individual need of the patient and family.

Linda collaborates with all members of the healthcare team. She participates in MD/RN rounds and isn't afraid to share her concerns with the entire team. When a patient's status changes, she anticipates what the patient will need and intervenes to provide for the best possible outcome. She is unwilling to accept mediocrity. Linda clearly demonstrates excellence in her daily nursing practice and in the education of patients and their families. She is an outstanding and experienced nurse, and our PIMCU is very lucky to have her!