Linda Barhorst

Linda Barhorst, RN, BSN, CDE

Certified Diabetic Educator, Education Services Dept.
Wilson Memorial Hospital
Sidney, Ohio
United States

I have been a diabetic for several years, but not a serious one (in denial). The last 3 years have been very hard on me. I have lost my Dad, watched my brother die of cancer, continue to watch Alzheimer’s destroy my mom’s mind and lost my pet of 14 years.
Not long ago, I was in the hospital with my sugars in the 300’s, I was there in the hospital room thinking about everything and just needing the strength to keep going. I knew the uncontrolled diabetes was destroying my body, but didn’t know what to do. Being a diabetic was way too complicated, watching what I ate, counting carbs and checking my sugar was just too overwhelming for me. I had built a wall and wouldn’t let anyone in. I was just too tired!!!
Linda Barhorst walked into my room. I was shocked, she barely knew me. I had seen her before at the support group meetings but I had only ever said hi. I met with Linda after I got out of the hospital still thinking there’s no hope for me. Still not sure how, she reached me. I started slowly letting the wall down. If I did not understand something or just didn’t quite get it, she did whatever it took until I did. She is very patient whether explaining, making a chart or diagram. If I did not catch on right away she would know and say “let me do this” and she did whatever it took to get thru to me. I started getting really serious and in a short amount of time, my sugars were coming down. It was amazing!!!
I was so excited and encouraged. I still try to thank Linda but she tells me I’m the one doing it. And just hearing that plus “great job, you’re amazing” and a hug or a pat on the back. It boosted my self esteem as a person. I needed someone to take an interest in me and just care.
It’s going to be a sad day when I’m done with my Education classes. I’m going to miss Linda; she is an amazing person and teacher. I know I will keep in touch with her; she has helped change my life and I am forever grateful for her reaching out to me. She has been an Angel to me and she is what I consider an extra-ordinary DAISY Nurse.