Linda Auger
December 2017
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
United States




Meeting Linda Auger for the first time, I felt she was a caring, compassionate nurse. I explained to Linda that I was claustrophobic, and nervous to be anesthetized. It was so amazing how she held my hand, and walked me through my procedure, giving me the confidence, that; "I could do this."

Being diagnosed with the brain disease NF2, I take MRI's every 2 years to monitor the tumors. In May, Linda called my home and confirmed my appt for June. I recognized her beautiful voice when she called me, "Sweet Lady". That's one of Linda's beautiful expressions.

The day of my MRI our eyes met again. As Linda was exiting the waiting room, we hugged each other as best friends.  She was asked to work this department on this day, my MRI day. Wow!  I believe God works in mysterious ways, and Linda was my guardian angel. Every Hospital needs an Angel. 

Linda has a bubbling spirit. She’s one who will take time and try to comfort the most troubled mind. To Linda: I thank God you were there when my husband was holding my right hand, it was you that held my left. You are so deserving of the DAISY Award!