Lily Daugherty

Lily Daugherty

Lily Daugherty, RN

Labor & Delivery
Missouri Baptist Medical Center
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

Lily is an inspiration to her co-workers! She has been a labor and delivery nurse for 35 years and a breast cancer survivor for the past 5 years. Please let me share why Lily should be a recipient of the DAISY Award.

A patient presented to labor and delivery with a diagnosis of breast cancer/antepartum care. Lily was her nurse and she quickly built a relationship with her. Lily was able to bring new life into the patient's world and help her to get started on her journey of cancer survival. After the patient delivered; the patient called for Lily. The patient stated that she needed someone to talk, cry, and listen to her fears. The patient then asked Lily if she could accompany her to her chemotherapy. Lily did! She sat in support of the patient. They spent their time in joy, silence, prayer and tears. Lily's comforting spirit has helped the patient, her husband, and family start a legacy for their baby. This patient is currently in Florida and she still communicates with Lily; provides her with updates and pictures of their baby.

It is my pleasure to have Lily on my staff. She embraces the love of obstetrics and the love of patients. With each person she encounters, Lily goes the extra mile to make their experience at MBMC to be outstanding and memorable.