Lillybeth Cassel

Lillybeth Cassel, BSN, RN

6W Renal/Diabetes
St. Mary's Medical Center - Evansville
Evansville, Indiana
United States

Lilly is a great example of a nurse who collaborates with other team members and provides quality care to her patients. I have never worked on the same floor as Lilly but have seen her compassion and dedication first hand. She not only strives for great patient care, she also genuinely cares for her co-workers and other associates within the hospital. She always has a smile on her face and is always positive. One example is after a particularly hard day on my unit, Lilly stopped by after her shift (on another unit) was over to tell me she appreciates us and all we do. She works for the better good of the hospital. Lilly is the ultimate example of a role model, advocate and outstanding employee.

Lilly is the epitome of what every St. Mary’s nurse should strive to be. I have seen her go the extra three miles to get the patient the care they need. I have seen her use her bilingual talents to calm a patient when they didn't trust the blue phone translator’s voice. I have so much respect for her. What she brings to the table of the Nursing Profession is love, caring, and the ability to carry out all nursing duties with respect for the patients and staff she works with.