Lillian Georgestone

Lillian Georgestone

Lillian Georgestone, RN

Derm/Surgical Specialties
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Dallas, Texas
United States
Lillian remains kind, caring, gentle, and compassionate. She treats the staff the same way.

I have known Lillian for the last 4-5 years; she is an integral part of our dermatology team and an unsung hero in our clinic. A few things about her that standout are listed below-

Lillian is hardworking: You will rarely find Lillian sitting down. She is always on the go. We are not a wound care service but sometimes we have a few patients who require weekly dressing changes until they are able to be seen and treated in the wound care clinic. It is hard for me to ask for help with these patients because I know our nurses do so much already!

When asked to help with this chore, Lillian does this without hesitation.

I never draw a sigh or catch her rolling her eyes. She is more than happy to assist and does it with a smile.

Lillian is compassionate: We see several patients in our department who suffer from terrible skin diseases that can affect their morale. These patients are not always easy to deal with. They can be rude, demanding, and (sometimes) demeaning. I have seen Lillian interact with these patients on more than one occasion and it is something to behold. She remains kind, caring, gentle, and compassionate. She treats the staff the same way. She is easily one of the residents’ favorite nurses.

Lillian will go the extra mile for you and your patient: We work in a busy clinic where we schedule up to 120 patients per half day. There are times when skin procedures (i.e. skin biopsies) are plenty but staff is limited. During these times, I can always count on Lillian to lend a helping hand. She is not only efficient in the procedure room but she is always working in the patient's best interest. I can recall one example where one of our 1st year residents was having a hard time getting the patient comfortable prior to her skin biopsy. The resident failed to sense the anxiety coming from the patient but Lillian was able to appreciate this quickly. She assuaged the patient's fears by talking her through the procedure and sought out the attending on the case given the patient disclosed she would feel better if the attending was present.

Lillian is a gem. As I write this recommendation, it is 5:43 pm. All of the residents, faculty, and patients are gone. The clinic looks spotless but Lillian is still here. She tells me she is just "cleaning up a little bit". I can't say enough about her. She truly encompasses what it means to be "Parkland Strong".