Liliana Alexandre
August 2020
Neuromuscular Unit
Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital part of Northwestern
United States




Coming to Marianjoy after my fourth spine surgery was my expressed desire before surgery because I was confident in the progress I would make in this superb hospital for recovery and rehabilitation. The compassionate care by all staff is outstanding.

However, I need to highlight the empathetic engagement and caring connection given by nurse Lili. She was my day nurse for most of my stay. Lili helped me to understand the different pain experiences - i.e. spasms, "knife" stabbings, aches, and thumpings - and therefore this made specific prescriptions by the doctors as they focused on each discomfort. There were moments of humor and laughter to help cope with my experiences. She could not have been as professional and personal without the assistance of some of her fantastic PCTs. The team effort was fantastic. I am greatly thankful for Lili and her team!