Liane Wright

Liane Wright, RNC, BSN

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, New Hampshire
United States

Liane Wright RNC, BSN (February 2010) Admissions/ED

Two weeks ago this nurse went "above and beyond" for meand one of our
patients and because of her actions, a very stressful experience was
much better than it would have been without her help. I (physician) had
a very active 18 month old who required STAT labs, an ultrasound, a CAT
scan and then admission.
The pediatric unit was closed at the time and a pediatric nurse was
called in. While waiting for the pediatric nurse to arrive I was able to
send this patient to the lab where the nominated nurse met them and
facilitated the child getting labs quickly. She then escorted the family
to radiology for the child's testing and ultimately to pediatrics.
I had expressed my concern (over the phone) that if I sent this child to
the laboratory and x-ray from my office that they may end up waiting
and/or getting lost and I didn't want either to occur. When I asked the
nominated nurse if she could help facilitate the process, she very
pleasantly agreed!
I can't thank her enough-it made a world of difference for this patient
and family. The patient later got transferred to Children's hospital for
emergency surgery and is now home doing well.