Liane' Burton

Liane' Burton

Liane' Burton, MSN, RN

Mercy Medical Center
Baltimore, Maryland
United States
The nurses were our angels but Liane was “my crutch”.

Liane was able to balance the role of advocate and compassionate caregiver.  Imagine learning that the “flu” symptoms experienced by your daughter were now being classified as potential cancer. This is what happened to the 11-year-old M and her family from Southern Maryland.

The news of the potential diagnosis came with a recommendation to travel north to Mercy for a consultation. M’s mom arrived at Mercy with many unanswered questions and in fact did not know where to start. She states that she “never felt so alone”. That is until Liane stepped into action. Liane immediately bonded with this family. She patiently assisted the mom to craft a list of questions to ask the doctors. Having the list was empowering but Liane remained as the “shoulder to lean on”. While M was in surgery, she frequently checked on the family, offering support and praying with them. The surgery was successful, but now the recovery period for M and her family began.

Liane went out of her way to organize diversional activities such as painting and arranged for the canine officer to visit. She often came in on her days off to check on her patient and their family.  The mom states, “The nurses were our angels but Liane was “my crutch”.  Our family is very spiritual and Liane would often tell us that when she went to services she took our family with her. Our experience at Mercy is by far the greatest we have ever had in a hospital.

Liane truly performed above and beyond her role demonstrating advocacy and compassion and created an environment that was all about the patient. She took the time to establish a connection. Liane is a true DAISY Nurse.