Lexi Benard

Lexi Benard

Lexi Benard, BSN, RN

SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital - Shawnee
Shawnee, Oklahoma
United States
Even after a long shift, Lexi took time to be present for the patient.

The Advocate on Acute Care was making rounds when a patient asked if she could brag on someone from another unit. The patient shared that she came to the hospital the previous evening for a scheduled sleep study. She parked her car at the main entrance and pulling her oxygen tank, she came in the front door and was headed to registration when she realized that it was after business hours. She stated this upset her because walking back out to her car or to the ER was not an easy task with her shortness of breath.

However, a sweet nurse came along and helped her. Lexi was getting off work after a long shift and passed by this patient, noticing she was upset, Lexi checked on her. She then proceeded to get a wheelchair and took the patient to her car to get her phone and then to the ER to register. Rather than leaving at this point, Lexi waited and then took her to the 4th floor and helped her get settled in for her sleep study.

The patient thought this was above and beyond not only for what Lexi did for her but because she stayed to help after her shift rather than going home.

We know that exceptional healthcare is more than medicine. This is a wonderful example of the Power of Presence. Even after a long shift, Lexi took time to be present for the patient and that extra time was an opportunity for her to show God's healing presence to this patient.

Thank you, Lexi, for living our mission!