Leta Bennison

Leta Bennison, RN, APN

Pain Management Clinic
Indiana University Health: Arnett
Lafayette, Indiana
United States

Patient Writes:

"Leta is always friendly, caring and truly concerned for my pain and controlling it. So many people poo-poo the pain like it's all in my head. Leta treats me as a friend and even family. Praise The Lord for her!"

From her Manager:

Leta is so deserving of this recognition. She has a tough job and often has to have those tough and hard conversations with the patients. She has never lost her compassion or her care with any situation or with any patient.

She has a very tender approach and a soothing voice for her patients.

Her demeanor and her verbal communication are always consistent; she is sort of a "mother hen" toward her patients and also with co-workers.

We are all sad to think about her retirement next year but we are very happy for her and very happy that she is getting the DAISY Recognition she so deserves.