Leslie DiVincenzo

Leslie DiVincenzo

Leslie DiVincenzo, RN

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals - Methodist Hospital Division
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Leslie DiVincenzo, RN, wanted to do something special for the patients on her unit at Jefferson's Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia on Christmas. So she took it upon herself to plan and implement a way to get all the patients on the medical-surgical telemetry unit holiday cards and small gifts.

Not only that, Leslie reached out to a friend who was a first grade teacher at a nearby school to have the kids make cards for the patients.

"I will make sure enough are made for a full census and if there are extra, I am sure they will not go to waste," Leslie explained to the unit managers. "Either way, I will give them the handmade cards along with a regular Christmas Card."

Leslie wanted to ensure that all the patients were able to participate, and even worried that some might not be able to have the cookies she wanted to include in this special care package.