Leslie Brundige

Leslie Brundige

Leslie Brundige, RN

Float Pool
Sparks Health System
Fort Smith, Arkansas
United States
Leslie always wears a big smile and has the ability to put everyone at ease.

I think it's best to check you into the hospital and get a handle on what is going on.  And so, we were off to the hospital with our 40-year-old son who has a kidney infection, is very dehydrated, pneumonia, and a hot, swollen knee that fortunately turned out to be gout and not an infection.  My son qualifies to be in the DAISY Bouquet since he was diagnosed at age 21 with multiple sclerosis and now has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.  He was extremely ill and weak when we checked into Sparks.  Unfortunately, he is unable to walk and struggles to feed himself but continues to have a positive attitude and seldom complains.

Little did we know that a "blessing in the flesh" was about to walk into his room to welcome and check him in.  Her name is Leslie Brundige.  She always wears a big smile and has the ability to put everyone at ease.  Her clinical knowledge was excellent and she was eager to explain and answer any questions our son had.  She was very efficient and yet was not hurried in trying to get things done. 

Jason at that time was unable to feed himself and Leslie would joke and tease and visit with him when he needed extra help.  It was wonderful to observe her interactions with him and the laughter that would follow.  She is an extraordinarily compassionate person which was reflected in the way she cared for him.  Above all, she was like the determined little engine in the children's book, "the little engine that could."   Instead of I think I can, I think I can, her mantra with him was "think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts."  She became such an encourager for him to "go over that mountain", whatever that mountain was at that time.

Leslie’s personality, her demeanor, her quiet confidence, her dedication, clinical knowledge, and her heartfelt compassion make her an outstanding role model for her profession.  Sparks is fortunate to have nurses of her caliber on their staff. We all so enjoyed getting to know Leslie. She entered his room as a nurse and left as a friend.