Leslie Bice

Leslie Bice

Leslie Bice, RN

Baylor Scott & White - Centennial
Frisco, Texas
United States
Leslie was very kind and engaging and it felt like she was part of the family.

Leslie was my postpartum nurse. We had to have an emergency C-section, and we were placed into the care of Leslie during a very emotional and stressful time. We were trying to wrap our minds around what had just occurred in surgery, and the birth of our first child. Immediately Leslie was very positive, calm, and relaxed with my husband who was an emotional wreck while I was recovering in bed asleep. We had a lot of visitors throughout the stay and Leslie was very kind and engaging and it felt like she was part of the family. She did a warm transfer to the night nurse every day, communicated quickly with the nursery nurse on our needs, and worked well with all of the staff to ensure the ultimate support. 

The behavior that really made a difference was when Leslie connected directly with me. She was able to read my personality, and adjusted her communication to fit my needs and was a perfect support. Leslie had a great sense of urgency and read my body language like a long time friend. She explained every step of the process, medication, expectations, and recovery.

We decided to start our son on formula while I physically recovered. The day before we left we decided to work on breastfeeding which is a new experience for any new parent. I called Leslie and she came into the room as I emotionally broke down and asked her for help on breastfeeding. She took on more than her nursing responsibilities, and she was present every time I breastfed. Leslie used her 18 years of experience to help us tactically and gave us real life tips that applied personally to us and our feelings on nursing. 

Leslie has been very comforting and soothing to us. She took my emotions and turned them into a positive experience that is a direct result of my husband and I being comfortable with nursing on our own. Without Leslie, as our nurse, I can guarantee our experience the past three days would have been drastically different. She made our stay here easier and I will forever be grateful for her presence and care.