Leslie Babb

Leslie Babb

Leslie Babb, RN

BirthCare Center
Wesley Healthcare
Wichita, Kansas
United States
Leslie was and is the epitome of what I feel the character that a nurse should have. She seemed to care so deeply for me, more than on just a medical professional level, on a personal level as well.

I safely delivered our sweet baby girl at Wesley Birth Care Center. I had the delivery of my dreams- quick, smooth and all natural. In under four hours of laboring at the hospital our little daughter was brought in to this world. If it wasn't for Leslie Babb, the outcome of my story I believe could have been tremendously different.

Leslie wasn't supposed to be my scheduled nurse that day- but I believe she was meant to be. I had another nurse helping me right after my birth but then she was assigned to another patient. At this point Leslie was introduced as my new nurse, the other nurse had left, and there was no one in the room other than my husband and baby.

After delivery I experienced a postpartum hemorrhage. Multiple manual evacuations later... (Probably more than what's normal) I still had placenta on the membrane of my uterus. The need to have surgery then came about. This is when I really started to lose it.

Due to my past medical history there was a fear of me having to have general or local anesthetic; with the possibility of threatening or taking my life if I did. Years ago, I had neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) - which was caused by drugs that potentially can have a reaction when mixed. With the NMS, my central nervous system shut down. I felt my body go rigid one limb at a time, as if I was becoming paralyzed, yet I could feel all the pain, just not being able to move or even communicate that. There was the fear of the "unknown". The fear that going under general or local - I may have a reaction, the reaction being Malignant Hyperthermia because of the NMS I had in the past, which would be life threatening.

It was like Leslie understood that fear; she had compassion and empathy. But she didn't let it consume her like the fear did me. She became my focal point at times; who I would turn to when I couldn't stand the pain or thought of what was going to happen. Or what could happen. I still have no idea if she was even afraid for me. Because she never really showed it on her face.

The Anesthesiologist came in shortly after the news of upcoming surgery. He talked to me about my past history. He reassured me that things would be fine. As long as I wasn't on the meds that caused the NMS in the past. I never had someone so clearly say that. In the past 5 years since I had that condition I never talked to someone who seemed knowledgeable about it. You would think after hearing that, I would be totally fine going into surgery. I mean the risk of losing my life was nearly not an issue anymore! But that wasn't so; I was still so nervous.

It came time to wheel me in for surgery. I sobbed that my husband wasn't going to be able to be there for me. But Leslie reassured me that she would. Her face was the last one I saw right before I went under, and the last hand that I held.

Leslie was and is the epitome of what I feel the character that a nurse should have. She seemed to care so deeply for me, more than on just a medical professional level, on a personal level as well.

I can't expect all nurses, or people who work in the medical field to treat people the way that she did me that day, but if there were more Leslie's in hospitals, I could only imagine the amount of comfort that would be bestowed among patients and their families. Especially in the midst of tragedy.

I'm forever thankful for her, and her care that day; for her quick response, her knowledge, her unfailing compassion and comfort, and the laughs we shared after all was well.

She has changed my jaded view on people working in the medical field.. Something I didn't think could ever happen. I feel like I can trust again. Thank you, Leslie Babb, for being apart of such a life changing experience for me. And an integral part in saving my life.