Leon Fuller

Leon Fuller

Leon Fuller, RN

Emergency Department
Saint Alphonsus Medical Center - Ontario
Ontario, Oregon
United States
Leon was called in and saved the day.

Leon is always kind and compassionate toward everyone and every patient he serves. When he is a triage nurse, he is always quick to get the patient and always greets them with a warm welcome. Leon is always sympathetic toward patients saying, "Sorry that they aren't feeling well."
Patients generally leave happy and always have something nice to say on their way out.


On Friday, my grandson presented to the lab for some tests. He is 6 years old and was very scared about getting labs drawn. Due to the fact that he was sick and dehydrated, it was really difficult to get his blood drawn. The tech tried several times and was not successful. Leon was called in and saved the day. Leon came to the Lab and calmly talked to my grandson, used all the ICARE methods we are trained on and took his time with him.

After making sure that he was calm and everything was ready, Leon tried again to get the draw. It took 2 more tries but we eventually got the blood we needed, and my grandson was calm. He made my grandson's experience much better in the end. Thank you, Leon, for making this experience less traumatizing. Leon, we need more nurses just like you. I appreciate you.