Lenny Dinardo

Lenny Dinardo

Lenny Dinardo, BSN, RN, PCCN

Staffing Pool
Mission Hospital - Ashville
Asheville, North Carolina
United States

My husband was brought to Mission Hospital after suffering a heart attack. While there, he suffered another massive heart attack and was shocked with the paddles 15 times in the Cath Lab. He survived due to the persistence of the doctor and his team. He made a miraculous recovery thanks to all the wonderful doctors, nurses and support staff.

Two weeks later, he was airlifted back to the hospital after another near fatal episode. He was released the next day and sent home. A week and a half later, he was again brought back with slurred speech, exhaustion and weakness on his left side. After being examined by multiple doctors, there was no clear diagnosis; but he was not doing well and not getting any better.

After the third day, his nurse advocated for further tests, not to his heart, but to his brain. The nurse felt, as I did, that my husband had suffered a stroke. The MRI and subsequent CT scan showed signs of a very large stroke. The nurse made a tremendous difference for my husband by voicing his concerns.

Therefore, I am nominating Lenny Dinardo for his dedication to his patients, his superior nursing skills, and his all-around wonderful way of treating those in need (patients and family members) with compassion and kindness. He saved a life, my husband's life, and for that we are forever grateful and feel he should be recognized with the highest award possible (plus a whole bouquet of daisies!!!)


Within the first five minutes of meeting Lenny, he felt like a family member. He was gentle, committed, and focused on the treatment plan. He thoroughly explained and taught both patient and family the conditions being treated, the benefits of treatment, and the outcomes or results expected. He took time to listen to our concerns and respond to them. He made recommendations to improve our clinical course and was a very knowledgeable expert.

He dealt with my husband, my son, and me, as if my husband was his only patient. He is a true and genuine patient advocate and an awesome asset to Mission Hospital, and your mission, vision, and values. His tender patient care really is heart-healing.