Lennie Cirilo

Lennie Cirilo

Lennie Cirilo, BSN, RN

Kaiser Permanente Ontario Medical Center
Ontario, California
United States
Lennie expressed a level of compassion and sincere interest that went beyond.

I would like to thank my nurse Lennie from 3 east. My husband and I found nurse Lennie to be the ultimate caregiver during my stay. Lennie expressed a level of compassion and sincere interest that went beyond. She seemed tireless in efforts to attend to my needs.

Nurse Lennie built rapport with ease by communicating often and well in keeping her word to deliver what she carefully noticed I needed. Quite simply, if she said she was going to be back with a cup of ice, she was sure to do just that indeed and in a timely manner. She checked on me without me having to call her and was sincere in her bedside manner of being a natural communicator and having not only a professional but loving disposition. Furthermore, she was knowledgeable about the medications I was taking and properly assessed my pain level.

Nurse Lennie expressed empathy by being able to take my cues as to what I was ready for but really already knew what I required. For example, when I was asleep in the chair because that gave me the ease with the surgery I had, she would float in so quietly and would know I was ready to transition to the bed and would not leave my side. She tucked me in like a burrito, no joke. It was so comforting and I don't even feel that in my own bed at home. It was more than the linen, it was her care and attention to detail of what would soothe me at that time. As I recall here, I am tearful with gratefulness and thanks. I was so scared and in pain for a long time before meeting her and after my surgery and she melted my heart and helped me to feel secure and well taken care of.

Nurse Lennie was so calm in demonstrating her expertise. It was like "lights, cameras, action" and with sensitivity and confidence. She knew what was needed, when, and just how to deliver it all. She stood her ground as I exited the bed, always, there to balance me as I moved to where I needed to. I truly love her, she has an awesome character, definitely picked the right career, and I am happy for her; her actions speak louder than words, and you can't tell me she is not doing what she loves.