Leigh-Ann Biggs

Leigh-Ann Biggs

Leigh-Ann Biggs, RN

Intermediate Care Unit
St. Rose Dominican Hospital - Siena Campus
Henderson, Nevada
United States

Leigh is an exceptional nurse. From the very first day she treated me as if I was the only patient she had just as I'm sure she made all of her other patients feel. She shows genuine concern and makes certain that all of the doctor's orders are properly administered and followed through. She knows her job well and seems happy doing it.


Leigh is by far the best nurse I have encountered at St. Rose. Her diligent work ethic and nursing skills are of the highest quality. She takes the time to listen to patients needs and concerns and make those needs a priority. It is almost rare to find a nurse with so much compassion and attention to detail. I rate her as a 10 out of 10.